A Truly Dangerous Resistance in 50 Years from Now?

Well, think about it. If activists keep working the way they do right now, that’s about the time frame it will literally take until we have established a serious threat to the powers that want to be.

Are you willing to wait this long? I know that I’m not.

When we are going for progress and for full destruction of the sectarians and their controlled opposition then we have to name the names we have to make it clear who’s who.

I cannot work together with people and websites that push government propaganda when it concerns ISIS and hating muslims and islam. I refuse to do that for the very simple reason that we have to work side by side with the muslim community and their activists when we want to succeed in taking out the enemy.

Dark Soarer – May 4, 2016

C3P0 Silver Leg Scam Neutralized

So far, those who have helped fighting off the Star Wars scam have made significant progress, really GREAT!

Only a very few “alternative” media outlets have let themselves being fooled into carrying the hoax story. Those however, have lost their entire credibility and that can’t ever be fixed.

Dark Soarer – May 4, 2016

Greenpeace its “Leaked” Secret TTIP Documents

If you are an activist, rebel or whatever it is that you call yourself and you know how the world turns and the game is played then don’t you dare to put any trust or credibility into the new “leaked” documents charade.

Don’t you dare fall for the extremely transparent staged media frenzy.

Here’s what it is about and what should tip you off that it is a storm in a glass of water, at best.

“Were our governments serious in Paris when they said they would do what was necessary to protect the planet, and keep climate change under 1.5 degrees?” – Greenpeace

When you buy into the cover story – the “leaked” documents – then you buy into the rest as well (the man made climate change fraud), you can’t have it both ways.

Greenpeace cannot be trusted and is not an ally and the fact that they worked with “different German [mainstream] media outlets“, that also covered the Snowden leaks gives it all away. No true activist should take any of it serious.

You really think there is genuine and worrying tension between the EU and the US and that negotiations may be in danger of collapsing? Come on, who invents such story lines, this is too ridiculous.

Tell you what, ask the Bilderberg group if they have “tensions” internally and whether or not the TTIP will get implemented.

Dark Soarer – May 3, 2016

“Secret” U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is NOT Secret!

Positive ID


No outsiders know the stories about these 3 items, so yes, it’s positively me at REBCON 1.

Dark Soarer – May 3, 2016


To Black Turtle, Sleeping Maple, Deep Runner, Pink Cobra, Lunar Stallion, Formal Halo:

THAT bitmessage address is compromised. No such communication is possible anymore. I suggest we switch to snail mail. I have your C/O’s here with me.

Dark Soarer – May 3, 2016

US Elections

You’re doing none of us a favor, nor yourself for that matter, by feeding the elections frenzy.

You know very well it is a rigged process, anywhere in the world. It is how the game was written.

As long as you let them divide you you defuse your own activist movement. I cannot be a part of that.

Dark Soarer – May 3, 2016

All Activists Out There… Two More Reasons You Must Pay Attention