All Activists Out There… Two More Reasons You Must Pay Attention

Drop everything you’re doing right now and adapt your work, research and communications immediately. You can’t afford to lose any more of your time.

The resistance is being splintered up and it’s been increasing at an alarming pace and by now has reached a critical point. We either take a clear stance now or go down collectively.

If you are seasoned enough you are already aware – for the rest, I count on you too to distribute this message far and wide. Other activists and groups are relying on you to keep them informed and effectively operational. Don’t let them down. Aside from this site my hands are tied, I need your help to get the word out!

The ENTIRE credibility and effectiveness of the activist resistance is at stake right now and all over the world, the attack on all of us hasn’t been this severe, ever.

There are two distinct operations that are defusing the resistance and only few have dared to put up a fight, if they are aware at all in the first place.

You need to understand that the following two operations are aimed at you, the true rebellion out there, to bring you down and make you look incompetent and sitting on the same bandwagon with the dupes and agents of distortion. If you don’t take action now your days as an activist are numbered and soon no one will take you serious anymore:

  1. Flat earth

  2. Alternating timelines and realities

Flat Earth

That the flat earth ruse is just that, a ruse, needs little or no explanation why exactly that is. But the fact remains that it is a very effective operation that is destroying your credibility when you associate with anyone who even casts the smallest of doubts about the topic.

I have personally witnessed hardened “truthers” fall into the flat earth trap, for them their activist life is over, permanently and the powers that want to be don’t even have to use a single bullet. The fact they dare to only even consider sitting on the fence regarding a flat earth world means that they have already been neutralized. Not a single person of the mainstream audience, the general public out there, will believe a single story or detail that is presented by a flat earther, and for very obvious reasons, and they shouldn’t. At least they’re that smart.

Nevertheless, there are dozens and dozens of flat earth Youtube channels out there that have 10,000+ and even 100,000+ subscribers. These channels are/were known and built their reputation as being “truthers.” My god!

Consider this, if you had the slightest hint that a channel you subscribe to is pushing the flat earth psyop, would you stay subscribed or unsubscribe immediately? The fact that most of the subscribers numbers stay and in most cases even increase is alarming. This clearly shows that the flat earth ruse/psyop is gaining ground. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Investigate it. It’s a serious threat to you and me. Laugh all you want but the fact remains that we must deal with this, we have to push this psyop back permanently.

Alternating Timelines and Realities

The second major attack on all of us is the ruse of alternating timelines and shifting realities. If you are not aware of this hostile operation I suggest you start investigating it today.

Like it is the case with flat earthers, here too slick propaganda is used to trick people into this black hole that only leads to total destruction of your reputation. Once you jump on this bandwagon it’s game over for you as an activist.

As I have been monitoring this psyop for a very long time already, which is part of the reason why I’m stuck in this current situation, the latest development is worrying enough to mention, it’s the pushing of a false Star Wars C3P0 silver leg story. Don’t fall for it, don’t fall for any other variation of it or any other story line concerning other topics when presented in the context of alternating timelines and realities and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

If such things were actually the case you’d immediately notice it and I will in such case help to document it as well.

Until then here’s how I know for sure that the alternating timelines and realities psyop is in its very essence a ruse.


Any serious alternative media outlet would dedicate its entire resources and platform to this topic of alternating timelines and realities and the new C3P0 development. You would not be able to miss it and they’d have alt news marathons dedicated to it as well. It would be much bigger than 9/11, and I mean MUCH bigger.

The reporting about the alternating timelines and shifting realities would LITERALLY ECLIPSE everything else, even all the UFO and alien stuff and that’s a serious challenge if you really think about it.

The fact that the reporting on the alleged alternating timelines and shifting realities and the latest C3P0 silver leg thingy aren’t eclipsing anything at all and that the distorters and hostile agents prove this beyond all doubt on their own websites is evidence of me being entirely correct.

I challenge you to do the test. Go to the website(s) of those who launched and now support the latest C3P0 psyop. If their website isn’t entirely dedicated to this epic story, what in such case should be, then you have your proof right there. I bet they even have new posts published today and the day after and after that, completely unrelated to what should be THE ECLIPSING news of the century.




Personally I have seen websites that have already blindly copied the ruse and now as a result their reputation is destroyed for ever. Like with the flat earth scam, you can’t fix this, ever. You’ll never be able to reestablish yourself.

Think about the implications of all of this.

Think about the craftiness of these psyops.

All of this is only to try to bring us down, to defuse any and all substantial opposition that isn’t controlled or duped in any way.

Don’t believe me that they are attempting to create a black-hole-like effect?

See for yourself…

c3p0-ruse-silver-leg-2That’s how it is professionally done. Create confusion and urge others to take action in order for them to initiate their own downfall. Clever, but not clever enough for me.

This is top level information and psychological warfare and there’s a lot of money being invested to fund this and our takedown.

Dark Soarer – May 3, 2016